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Little Gem

Introducing the Champ Craft Little Gem, the ultimate playset for your backyard adventures! Designed for children aged 2 to 8, this playset comes equipped with a tower, canopy, swings, rock wall ladder and slide, ensuring that your little ones have plenty of options for outdoor fun. The tower provides a sturdy platform for play, while the canopy offers much-needed shade on sunny days. The swings are perfect for soaring through the air, and the slide provides a thrilling descent back to the ground.

Accessory Colors:
Roof Canvas Colors:

*pricing may vary depending on your location and installation requirements

Wood Dimensions

13’L x 13’W | 4′ Floor Level

Age Appeal: 2-8

Play Capacity: 1-5

Features & Benefits

The 4' Tower is made from Durable Polymer Coated Lumber. This will ensure your playset is maintenance free and will last you a lifetime.

Built to last, the 3 Position Attachment Beam will provide your child with lots of swinging fun.

The high quality, tear-resistant Canopy with brass grommets can withstand harsh winds.

The Trapeze with Rings provides some upside-down fun.

The Sling Swings with covered chains go easy on soft hands.

Get there the more difficult way with a Rock Climb Ladder .

8' Wave Slide adds an extra swoosh of excitement.

Make the journey up the playset a little safer with Hand Grips.

Champ Craft by Play-Mor
Champ Craft by Play-Mor

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