Backyard Cheer Swing Set
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Backyard Cheer Swing Set

Relax, and enjoy some backyard cheer! The Backyard Cheer swing set features a monkey bar climber, 14′ scoop slide, and many more fun components! Your youngsters will have a blast sliding, climbing, and swinging in their own backyard!


$ 7,913


$ 10,246

*pricing may vary depending on your location and installation requirements

Wood Dimensions

Length: 25′
Width: 18′
Floor Height: 5′ & 7′
Swing Height: 8′
Play Area: 31’L x 24’W

Poly Dimensions

Length: 27′
Width: 18′
Floor Height: 5′ & 7′
Swing Height: 8′
Play Area: 33’L x 24’W

Age Appeal: 2-14

Play Capacity: 1-10

Features & Benefits

The 5' Watch Tower adds new height to your play time. Jump aboard and explore new horizons.

Let your youngsters climb up just a little farther into the Eagle's Nest

High quality tear-resistant Double Canopy with brass grommets to withstand harsh wind.

The Easy Ride Attachment Beam - 4 Position is built for many years of safe use and fun family times.

The Baby Swing let your little ones enjoy a safe swing ride before they know how to hang on by themselves.

The Horse Glider offers your children another way to swing.

The 2 Sling Swings with soft grip on chains will not pinch tender hands.

Get there the more difficult way with a 5' Rock Climb

Get there the more difficult way with a 5' Steps

Monkey Bar Climber offers many years of climbing enjoyment for you and your children.

10' Scoop Wave Slide adds an extra swoosh of excitement.

14' Scoop Wave Slide adds an extra swoosh of excitement.

Sandbox Cover keeps dirt and animals out of your sandbox when it's not in use.

Let your youngster guide the playset with the fun Steering Wheel

Keep an eye on the neighborhood with the Super Scope

Make the journey up the playset a little safer with the heavy-duty Steel Hand Grips.

3 Flags adds some pops of color to the top of your tower.

Eagle's Nest Series
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