About Play Mor Swing Sets

Play Mor outdoor wooden playsets for kids

Play Mor Swing Sets began in 1992 as a three-man team operating in a 1,920 square foot facility during the summer months. Paul Hershberger had a vision of creating a line of outdoor wooden playsets to sell to retailers that were already selling other lawn furniture from his community. He liked the idea of creating a product line that would encourage families to spend more time together at home.

Playmor Outdoor Children's Swing Sets for KidsToday Paul’s dream has become a reality. Play Mor Swing Sets now has 15 year-round employees working in a modern facility more than 39,000 square feet. Along with the growth of the business has come progress in design and shipping. Originally the swing set towers were prebuilt and shipped fully assembled. This often caused problems in transportation and backyard access.

In order to solve these problems the product was modified. Today Play Mor’s wooden, option-friendly swing sets are sold as prefabricated kits complete with hardware and installation instructions. All kits are banded into stackable units which make them easy to ship. Production has also changed over the years. The early days saw a limited line of wooden outdoor swing set styles and accessories produced to fill customer orders. As demand increased long wait times began to be a problem.

Paul and his employee team again came up with a solution. They began to use the winter months to amass a large inventory in order to be well prepared for the busy season each year. This method of keeping every
item in stock has worked very well. Although the product line has increased to over 11 swing set styles and a wide array of attachments and accessories, wait times have been drastically reduced. Today the turnaround time for most of their wooden outdoor playsets is usually well within two weeks.

Playmor Outdoor Children's Swing SetsThese advances over the years have greatly increased the appeal of Play Mor’s wooden swing sets to both dealers and customers alike. Play Mor Swing Sets remains committed to the goal of adapting to the changing needs of its dealers and customers in the future just as they have in the past.

For more than two decades now Play Mor Swing Set’s skilled local craftsmen have been turning high quality lumber into attractive option-friendly playsets. They employ dependable, committed workers who not only oversee the production of current swing sets, but also furnish ideas for new playsets and methods of production.

Paul says that his business truly has turned into a team effort. He credits his workmen for taking his original ideas way beyond what he could have done on his own. Another integral part of the growth of the business has been the helpful advice of the dealers through which most of the swing sets are sold and installed. Their helpful feedback has often improved current products and provided ideas for new ones.

Jr Stoltzfus, Paul’s brother in law, joined the company in 1995 and became an owning member in 2005. Family time is very important to the Hershberger and Stoltzfus families. They firmly believe that “children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” The two families continue working together to provide products that encourage families to spend quality time together in their own backyard.