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#910 - Ship's Ahoy! Playset


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Gather the crew for a whooping good time aboard the Ship’s Ahoy! Playset. Everyone can holler helpful observations to the Captain at the Ship’s Wheel as they navigate the ship through the tossing waves. When seas are calm, the sailors will enjoy a hearty snack around the Child’s Picnic Table or plummeting down the 14’ Scoop Wave Slide. With this swing set, lazy afternoons will become a shipload of fun for the youngsters in your life.


  • Length: 24'
  • Width: 21'
  • Floor Height: 5' and 7'



Play Area

  • Length: 30'
  • Width: 27'


Youngster's Yacht Big Backyard Play Sets

Features & Benefits

  • The Youngster's Yacht is made from #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine with smooth surfaces and rounded corners. This helps to protect your children's hands and arms from splinters and abrasions.

  • 14' Scoop Wave Slide adds an extra swoosh of excitement.

  • 12' Gang Plank with double rope railing and wooden safety treads provides a safe walkway up into the tower.

  • 5’ Ladder

  • Your children can play games, draw, or have a picnic on the Child's Picnic Table.

  • Ship’s Wheel adds some fun up above.

  • Hand Rails make the climb to the tower a little safer for your children.

  • 5 Flags for some extra splashes of color.

  • 2 Telescope add some fun up above.




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