#211 - Scenic Pointe Swing Set


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Your children’s playtime fun will skyrocket with the Scenic Pointe Swing Set. Steps and a gang plank lead to the tower with its Steering Wheel and Telescope. More challenging ways to climb are the 5’ Pipe Climb, the 5’ Rock Climb, the Pipe Climb Ladder, or the Deluxe Rope Ladder. A curvy ride on the Scoop Wave Slide will take your adventures to the ground where several swing styles are also included — a Horse Glide, two Sling Swings and a Tire Swing. Add this play set to your backyard, and many joy-filled memories are sure to be in your future.


  • Length: 29'
  • Width: 13'
  • Floor Height: 5'
  • Swing Height: 8'



Play Area

  • Length: 35'
  • Width: 19'


Suggested Use

  • Age Appeal: 2-12
  • Play Capacity: 1-8 Children



Playmor Swing Sets are proudly Made in USA

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