#535 - Deluxe Supreme Swing Set


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As its name suggests, this outstanding wooden swing set is absolutely loaded. A carefully crafted Gang Plank affords easy access to the lofty Deluxe Sky Tower. A daring 7' Rock Climb challenges any youngster's climbing abilities. A 14' Scoop Wave Slide provides a quick adrenaline rush. Attached to each end of the tower are more exciting additions. The Monkey Bar Climber affords muscle-toning exercises while the High Ride Swing Attachment provides a ticket to hours of thrilling fun. Last but not least, at ground level a built-in Picnic Table and Sandbox offer delights of an even different flavor. Purchase this premium swing set and enjoy its pleasure for years to come.


  • Length: 30'
  • Width: 21'
  • Floor Height: 5' and 7'
  • Swing Height: 10'



Play Area

  • Length: 37'
  • Width: 27'


Suggested Use

  • Age Appeal: 4-14
  • Play Capacity: 1-12 children



Playmor Swing Sets are proudly Made in USA

Features & Benefits

  • The Deluxe Sky Tower is made from #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine with smooth surfaces and rounded corners. This helps to protect your children's hands and arms from splinters and abrasions.

  • High quality tear-resistant Double Tricolor Canopy with brass grommets every 8 inches to withstand harsh wind.

  • Enjoy a sisters' tea party or family picnic in your own backyard with the Picnic Table Kit. (Includes DT Half Floor Kit)

  • High Ride Attachment Beam 4 Position built for many years of safe use and fun family times.

  • Trapeze With Rings provides some upside-down fun.

  • 2 comfortable Sling Swings with soft grip on chains will not pinch tender hands.

  • Horse Glider offers your children another way to swing.

  • Monkey Bar Climber with powder coated rungs offers many years of climbing enjoyment for you and your children.

  • 14' Scoop Wave Slide adds an extra swoosh of excitement.

  • 12' Gang Plank with double rope railing and wooden safety treads provides a safe walkway up into the tower.

  • Get there the more adventurous way with a 7' Pipe Climb or Rock Climb.

  • Powder-coated Climbing Pole with smooth rounded edges adds a lot of fun to your playset.

  • Sandbox Cover keeps dirt and animals out of your sandbox when it's not in use.

  • Tic Tac Toe

  • Steering WheelTelescope, and Periscope add some fun up above.

  • Hand Grips make the climb to the tower a little safer for your children.

  • 3 Flags for some extra splashes of color.



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