Voyager Yacht Series

Tower Dimensions: Length = Ship Dimensions: Length = 15' Width = 8' • Floor Levels: 4' and 5'
This mid sized wooden ship play set packs a lot of fun into a small area. With two upper floor levels and a huge bay below decks, your kid's will have years of fun playing. Add climbs, slides and swing attachment beams for even more fun!

Voyager Yacht S.S. Discovery Playset by Playmor
Item No: 905
Your children will discover their imaginations as they play and pretend to be on Noah’s Ark, a Pirate Ship or simply relaxing on a beautiful yacht.
Voyager Yacht Captain's Cutter Playset by Playmor
Item No: 906
Whether they pretend to be on a big boat, pirate ship or Noah’s Ark, adventure awaits on the main deck with the Ship's Wheel, Telescopes and Child's Round Table and Chairs
Voyager Yacht Admiral's Launch Playset by Playmor
Item No: 907
Your mighty sailors can scramble up the 4' Rock Climb and the 10' Gang Plank to the fore deck where the admiral peers through one of the telescopes and gives orders to the helmsman on the aft deck.