Summit Tower Series


Tower Dimensions: Length = 7', Width = 13' • Floor Level: 5'
A Summit Tower Swing Set could be just what you need for your energetic youngsters. Featuring a 4' x 5' Floor, two standard openings, a Rock Climb, a Pipe Climb and more, this tower offers lots of exciting possibilities. On one side of the Summit Tower, a Deluxe Rope Ladder awaits eager climbers while a Molded Tire Swing hangs below the tower, ready for some spinning fun. Choose a roof style and your favorite Swing Accessories and your swing set will be ready for lots of thrilling adventures.

Backyard Lofty View Swing Set
Item No: 209
Let your children's spirits rise with the Lofty View Play Set. This mighty tower is packed full of fun and healthy exercise
Wooden Scenic Pointe Swing Set
Item No: 211
Your children’s playtime fun will skyrocket with the Scenic Pointe Swing Set. Steps and a gang plank lead to the tower with its Steering Wheel and Telescope.
Backyard Climber's Joy Swing Set
Item No: 215
Your children’s playtime fun will soar with the Climber’s Joy Swing Set. Climb up the 4’ Ladder then scramble across the platform and through the 5’ Tower Tunnel to the Summit Tower.