Kings Tower Series


Tower Dimensions: Length = 5', Width = 8' • Floor Levels: 5' or 7'
This spacious 5' x 8' tower presents lots of room for your children's creative play at your choice of either a 5' or 7' floor height. The King's Tower offers four possible standard openings and one possible climb opening. On the ground your energetic youngsters can enjoy a Sandbox, Picnic Table, or Cabin. With a King's Tower Swing Set in your backyard, you will be sure to enjoy many evenings of healthy fun.

Wooden Kid's Prince's Exercise Station Swing set
Item No: 705
Gliding through the air on the Sling Swings and Horse Glider and designing little kingdoms in the Sandbox are only the beginnings of a fun day in the great outdoors.
Wooden Kid's King's Café Swing set
Item No: 715
. This swing set is perfect for the imagination. It's also great for action with a wavy Scoop Slide, two Swings, a Rock Climb, and a rack of Monkey Bars. This dreamy play set is the best café in town.
Wood Kids Crowd Pleaser Swing set
Item No: 727
Children can pack into the King's Tower for a shady spot to play with dolls or defend their clubhouse. The 14' Scoop Wave Slide is barrels of fun for the whole crew. 
Wooden Kids Regal Retreat Swing set
Item No: 747
Going away on a summer vacation is loads of fun but with the Regal Retreat Swing Set, your children will be able to have special summer fun every day. 
Wooden kids Splendid Highway Swing set
Item No: 751
This Splendid Hideaway can be whatever your child dreams. It is a double-decker of fun. Cute windows peek out of the Cabin that makes up the bottom floor. 
Wooden Kids Royal Hideout Swing set
Item No: 754
This play set has a cute playhouse with a Child’s Round Table and Chairs inside that makes a perfect place for tea parties.