Choo Choo Engine Series


Dimensions: Length = 15' Width = 6' • Floor Levels: 4' and 5'
Create a train yard of fun in your backyard with a Choo Choo Engine Playset. This engine comes with 4' and 5' Floor Levels. A set of 4' Steps leads the way in to the belly of the engine, where your children can peek through the windows or watch the clouds through the bubble. In the cab they will find two Chairs, a Steering Wheel, levers and best of all they can ring the Bell! Underneath the engine, youngsters will enjoy excavating fun in the 4' x 8' Sandbox. Each engine has its own exclusive Choo Choo Engine Number to make your playset unique. Add your choice of a Swing Attachment, Slides, Climbs, etc. and your backyard will be sure to become a haven of fun family activities.

Item No: 940
Watch their imaginations come to life your children scamper up the Gang Plank to board this wooden train engine playset.
Item No: 941
Put your kids into a 'happy train daze' by adding this train playset to your backyard. Their imaginations will be heightened as they steer their Choo Choo Engine down the tracks or peer through their Periscope. 
Item No: 944
Are your children train engineers? This playset will provide hours of fun and excitement for your little engineers and train crew.