Baby Yacht Series


Ship Dimensions: Length = 12' Width = 6' • Floor Levels: 4' and 5'
Soft, salty breezes... the rhythmic roar of the ocean... the pounding of the surf at your feet... the feel of sand between your toes... Imagine yourself at the seashore with our Baby Yacht Wooden Playset! This little boat playset offers plenty of space for creative play in your own backyard. Let your little sailors roam the upper and lower levels above deck until they are tuckered. Then hand them a book and let them nestle down for some quiet time in the cozy hold of the ship.

Wood Salty Breeze Swing Set for kids
Item No: 901
Let your children envision new worlds and escapades with the Salty Breeze Playset. They can use the Ship’s Wheel to guide the Yacht out of the harbor.
Wood Little Sailer's Delight Swing Set for kids
Item No: 902
Send your children off to sea with the Little Sailor’s Delight Play Set. They can test their sailing skills with the Ship’s Wheel, Telescope and Periscope. 
Wood Fair Weather Friend Swing Set for kids
Item No: 903
When the skies are fair let your children hurry into the sunshine with their chums to the Fair Weather Friend Playset.